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Modification and Control of your Stuttering is Possible.
It is also beneficial for Parkinson's Speech disorder.

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You are not alone. If found to be successful for the individual, this can improve overall speech confidence and reduce speech anxiety. This can result in reduce fear of speaking in social situations and communication interactions.

SpeechEasy Can Help to Modify Your Stuttering.

SpeechEasy has been shown to be an effective tool to help reduce stuttering and to help increase fluency. This helps in increased speech fluency, confidence and may reduce the fear of speaking in social situations. We have received positive feedback showing that dramatic life changes are possible when using our fluency device.

The SpeechEasy is now effective for Parkinson speech.

We are confident after looking at the information supporting the SpeechEasy device you will agree, as thousands of others have, that we offer a valuable tool that can insist in increasing fluency. See the accompanying testimonials that will show you what clients have gained through this device: confidence and control over stuttering.

While SpeechEasy works great as a stand alone tool, combining speech therapy techniques with our fluency device has shown even more remarkable results in reducing a person's stuttering problem. We work closely with speech language pathologists to refine known fluency techniques, further reducing stuttering in those clients that combine the device and speech therapy. The cutting edge technology made available with our device gives you unprecedented control in a miniature package.

This revolutionary device can help to modify stuttering with reduced speech therapy. If you are interested in investigating the SpeechEasy device, set up an initial consultation with Dr. Cohen.

The state of Wisconsin may provide a $1600 grant towards the purchase of SpeechEasy for residents of Wisconsin.

If you would like additional information, visit the SpeechEasy website.

Daniel O., 33, Sheriff's Deputy, User since 2003., Kingsport, TN

“The SpeechEasy device has definitely given me the confidence I needed in situations that I need or want to come forward and speak out. My whole life prior, these situations have been avoided where possible. My family, friends, and co-worker have all noticed and commended on my success. I have wanted to be a police officer my whole life but, never pursued it due to the public constant speaking I knew would be involved. Two weeks after getting my device I fulfilled a dream and went through the sheriff's office training academy and graduated amongst those at the top. I have been a part time Sullivan County Deputy Sheriff now for 5 months and my life is a new one!”

Edward J., 19, Student, User since 2002., Spartanburg, SC

“As a student at Clemson University in the Architectural program, I have to make many presentations explaining my projects. The SpeechEasy has made these speeches easier and given me the confidence I needed. This year I was even awarded the top architectural award for the sophomore class!”

Henry M., 37, EMT, User since 2003., Searcy, AR

“Before I got my SpeechEasy, I was working in dead end jobs and was never satisfied. Prior to actually getting my device, I enrolled in an EMT course for the volunteer fire department that I am on. About halfway through the course, I found out about the device and decided to try it. My goals in the EMT class were not for employment in the field, but for better patient care in our first responder program. After receiving my device, I decided that I would go to work in the field and am now employed as an EMT with a local ambulance service. I could never do this job without the device. Communication is a huge part of my job. I have to be able to communicate with our dispatcher, and other agencies on the radio and also communicate with patients in our care. Without the SpeechEasy, this career would not be an option for me. Thank you so much.”

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